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Expert introduction

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  • Name:Chen Lifang

    Post:Cardiology Dept.

    She graduated from department of clinical medicine, Bengbu medical college in 1993, and once was t..[more]

  • Name:Ji Mingzhu

    Post:Director of Gastroenterology Dept.

    He graduated from department of clinical medicine, Bengbu medical college in 1989. He is the membe..[more]

  • Name:Zhao Qiangguang

    Post:Director of Respiration Dept.

    He graduated from Guangdong medical college in 1984. He, the member of respiration professional co..[more]

  • Name:Zhong Xiaohong

    Post:Director of Endocrinology Dept.

    She graduated from Central South University in the year of 1994 with doctor degree. She is good at..[more]

  • Name:Wang Limin

    Post:Director of Nephrology & Rheumatology Dept.

    She is the director of nephrology & rheumatology department, chief physician of nephrology dep..[more]

  • Name:Wu Chuanghong

    Post:Director of Infection Dept.

    He graduated from Sun Yat-Sen University with medical master degree. He, the visiting scholar of K..[more]

  • Name:Yuan Xiaoxia

    Post:Director of Pediatric Dept.

    She graduated from Nanjing Medical University in 1986, used to learn and work in Beijing Children&..[more]

  • Name:Tang Chenguang

    Post:Director of TCM Dept.

    He focuses on chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency, diabetes, endocrine disorder, health mai..[more]

  • Name:Lin Hongfu

    Post:Director of General Surgery Dept.

    He is good at MIS technique in laparoscopy, director of general surgery department, chief surgeon...[more]

  • Name:Li Zhihui

    Post:Director of Orthopedics Dept.

    He graduated from Jilin Medical College in 1987, member of traffic trauma and trauma database team..[more]

  • Name:Wu Hongtao

    Post:Director of Urology Dept.

    He was working in medical administration bureau of national health and family planning commission ..[more]

  • Name:Huang Shufeng

    Post:Gynecology Dept.

    He graduated from Shandong University, with master degree, has been working gynecology and obstetr..[more]

  • Name:Liu Xiaohui

    Post:Director of Obstetrics Dept.

    She graduated from Dalian Medical University in 1988, got master degree in China Medical Universit..[more]

  • Name:Zhao Kai

    Post:Director of Neonatology Dept.

    He graduated from medical department of Hengyang Medical College in 1987, used to be trained and l..[more]

  • Name:Wang Zhiwei

    Post:Director of Neurosurgery Dept.

    He graduated from Harbin Medical University in 1987. He majors in neurosurgery department, is good..[more]