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Expert introduction

Tang Chenguang

Name:Tang Chenguang
Degree:attending doctor
Post:Director of TCM Dept.

Detailed introduction

He focuses on chronic cerebral circulatory insufficiency, diabetes, endocrine disorder, health maintenance nutritional therapy and etc., postgraduate, with medical master degree. He is the director of TCM department, associate chief physician, one of the first batch of famous TCM physicians of Nanshan district, Shenzhen city, serving as the standing member of endocrinology professional committee of Guangdong provincial integrated Chinese and western medicine association, the standing member of geriatric professional committee of Shenzhen Chinese medicine association, and a member of council of Shenzhen TCM and integrated Chinese and western medicine associations. He graduated from Hunan University of Chinese Medicine in 1984, served in the first hospital affiliated to that university as physician, attending physician, lecturer, associate chief physician, associate professor, tutor of master postgraduate, director of neuro-endocrinology department, and started to work in our hospital since 2005. He was responsible for or participated in 7 programs, having 2 provincial level achievements, and participating in editing 15 books.