Rights and obligations

Rights and obligations

Dear patients:

         Hello! Welcome to our hospital, and thank you for your trust and support to our hospital. In order to guarantee the normal medical services available in hospital, you could enjoy quality medical services and bilateral benefits, now you’ll be informed with “patient’s rights and obligations”, and your understanding and cooperation would be appreciated. Let’s create a nice, harmonious medical service environment together. With you get well soon!

One. Your Rights and Obligations

(One) The right you have when seeking medical service in our hospital

The right to obtain basic medical health care, and will not be discriminated because of nationality, sex, age, race, belief or socioeconomic status.

The right to receive diagnosis and treatment services in a safe environment, have personal privacy protected appropriately, the weak and the disabled will get attention and protection.

The right to participated in the negotiation and discussion during diagnosis and treatment, and determine treatment plan, including choose other treatments or refuse treatment. This right could be exercised after signing on corresponding documents. However, the choice you make mustn’t break national laws or regulations.

The right to inquire and be told about disease diagnosis, test results, treatment and prognostics; the right to obtain the third party’s diagnosis & treatment opinion from either inside or outside the hospital.

  The right to have pain assessment and relieve pain.

  The right to ask physicians and nurses to provide health education material related to disease caring, medication using, diet or living.

  The right of financial protection, free from personal attacks.

  If you feel the above-mentioned rights are violated, you may bring forward opinions to medical personnel. If you have any complaint, medical disputes or suggestions during medical service process, you have rights to bring it forward to the hospital related departments and get response.


 (Two) The obligations you should fulfill when seeking medical service in our hospital

  Please tell physicians and nurses the health status, marriage history, past history, medication allergy history, whether or not having infectious disease right now and other information of the patient actively and correctly.

   Please follow the guidance of the guiding nurse, wait to get medical service in order, do not read other patients’ medical records. Please follow the new order arranged by the system if you fail to get the medical service because of personal reason.

   Please cooperate with hospital staff actively, guarantee “one physician and one patient in one consulting room”, close the door after entering consulting room actively to protect your own privacy.

   Please follow the hospital’s regulations on medical service or treatment process, do not ask physicians to provide false material or diagnosis proof, follow the door-locking, infection control measures in the hospital, do not smoke in the hospital, do not shout loudly in consulting room, treatment room, waiting area or examination area to avoid affecting other patients having treatments or other’s rights.

   With physician’s sufficient notification, please sign informed consents for the invasive examinations, treatments, operations, anesthesia, blood transfusions or other high risk procedures that have complicated processes, possibilities to have severe complications or have high incidence of complications, or have difficulty in predicting accurately the treatment results. The informed consents will have relevant legal effect upon voluntary signing.

   Please cooperate with medical orders to have treatments, cherish medical resources, and use various facilities in the hospital properly.

   Please respect the labor and personal dignity of medical personnel.

   Please pay medical expenses on time as the bill.

Two.  Hospital’s rights and obligations

  We have the obligation to provide you with safe and comfortable medical environment, have the right to manage you by following hospital regulations.

   We have the right to charge medical services fees that have been approved by price department, and provide you with expense list and formal invoices.

   If you are confirmed in our hospital to have the infectious diseases that must be reported to health departments according to national regulations, the hospital has the obligation to follow national regulations and make timely reports, and to take corresponding diagnosing and treating measures according to the laws and regulations, even including restriction of your personal liberty.

   We have the right to refuse the requirements of the medical services that violating diagnosing or treating regulations or medical management laws, but we have the obligation to take reasonable suggestions and recommendations to improve service quality, and we promise that the quality of medical service will not be affected by complaints. And we would give priority to vulnerable patients in caring and protection.

   This hospital is a teaching hospital, and we have the right to have medical students in internship participate in diagnosing and treating activities with the guidance of qualified medical personnel. However the interns are not allowed to practice independently. During clinical education related OPD and IPD activities, we would fully protect your privacy.