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Expert introduction

Lin Hongfu

Name:Lin Hongfu
Degree:attending doctor
Post:Director of General Surgery Dept.

Detailed introduction

He is good at MIS technique in laparoscopy, director of general surgery department, chief surgeon. He graduated from clinical medicine department of Guangdong Medical College and was promoted chief surgeon in general surgery department in 2008. He used to be trained and learn in Guangdong General Hospital, Jinan University affiliated hospital, the Second Hospital of Xiangya. He has been practicing in general surgery department, has abundant clinical experience, especially good at MIS laparoscopy. He serves as the responsible people for the scientific research programs of Guangdong province and Nanshan district. He participated in editing 2 books of laparoscopy, and published more than 10 papers at national level journals. He is one of the first batch of “tertiary clinical professional talents” of Nanshan district healthcare system, member of Guangdong micro invasive surgery youth committee, and member of Chinese Archives of General Surgery (electronic edition).